Law office Primorac

Our legal team consists of highly educated and professional individuals who, thanks to many years of experience, provide comprehensive legal and paralegal services and counseling in the Croatian, English, Italian and German languages. By continuously investing in legal training, we provide our clients with security and quality of services. We are focused on work dynamic and flexibility and we approach each client individually while respecting the highest ethical and professional standards of the legal profession.

The expertise and specialization of individual team members help us to approach cases from different legal fields and this results in timely decisions during the proceedings. Through constant communication, we inform, advise and guide our clients in order to achieve the best result together. Our goal is to resolve all legal issues, problems, and disputes with a positive approach and to the satisfaction of each client.


To offer legal and natural persons a complete service from all legal areas in one place and to resolve, with a positive approach, all legal issues, problems, and disputes to the satisfaction of each client.


Our primary mission is continuous care for clients on their business and private level and to provide efficient and achievable solutions, always motivated by a mutually agreed goal and result.


Our statement on vision is actually internally oriented, and it defines what we as a law office are and want to be:

  • a reliable partner and counselor to our clients,
  • recognizable by the quality of services at the level of the Republic of Croatia,
  • an inspiring and pleasant place to work and advance in the profession,
  • ready to seize every opportunity and turn it into success.